GET v3/addresses/{postcodeLookupId}

Returns the full address for a given ID

GET v3/addresses?postcode={postcode}

Returns a list of addresses matching a given postcode. (UK Addresses only)


GET v3/bands

Returns a list of price bands in the system


POST v3/baskets

Creates a new basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}

To add additional information to a basket, such as a Customer, Promocode, Attributes and Delivery Methods

POST v3/baskets/{id}/clear

Clear the contents of a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/confirm

Confirms an order. For system-owners, this can only be used for zero-value orders. Otherwise use . For agents, this should be used for all orders

GET v3/baskets/{id}

Return the details of a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/potentialDiscount?membershipId={membershipId}

Returns pricing information about the current basket with the specified Membership added, without persisting the changes. This allows for the calculation of upsell information.

GET v3/baskets/{id}/donations-to-prompt

Return the suggested donations of a basket contents for the added customer record

POST v3/baskets/{id}/custom-payments

Add a single custom payment to a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/custom-payments

Return the details of all custom payments added to a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/donations

Add donation(s) to a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/donations/{donationId}

Return details of the donations in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/donations

Return details of the donations in a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/donations/{donationId}

Update the details of a specific donation in a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/donations

Update the details of a number of donations in a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/donations/{donationId}

Remove a specific donation from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/donations

Remove a number of donations from a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers

Return all gift vouchers in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers/{giftVoucherId}

Return the details of a specific gift voucher in a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers

Add a gift voucher(s) to a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers/{giftVoucherId}

Update the details of a specific gift voucher in a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers

Update the details of a number of gift vouchers in a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers

Remove a number of gift vouchers from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers/{giftVoucherId}

Remove a specific gift voucher from a basket

PUT v3/baskets/{id}/gift-vouchers

Replace all gift vouchers in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions

Return the details of all memberships in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions/{subscriptionId}

Return the details of a specific membership in a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions

Add a number of memberships to a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions/{subscriptionId}

Amend the details of a specific membership in a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions

Amend the details of a number of memberships in a basket

PUT v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions

Replace all memberships in a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions/{subscriptionId}

Remove a specific membership from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/membership-subscriptions

Remove a number of memberships from a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise

No documentation available.

POST v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise

No documentation available.

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise/{merchandiseItemId}

No documentation available.

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise

No documentation available.

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise/{merchandiseItemId}

Remove a specific merchandise item from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise

Remove a number of merchandise items from a basket

PUT v3/baskets/{id}/merchandise

Replace all merchandise items in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/tickets

Return details of the tickets in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/tickets/{ticketId}

Return the details of a specific ticket in a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/tickets

Add a ticket(s) to a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/tickets/best-available

Add some best-available tickets from a reserved seating plan to a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/tickets/{ticketId}

Update the detail of a specific ticket in a basket

PATCH v3/baskets/{id}/tickets

Update the details of a number of tickets in a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/tickets/{ticketId}

Delete a specific ticket from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/tickets

Remove specific tickets from a basket

PUT v3/baskets/{id}/tickets

Replace all the tickets in a basket

POST v3/baskets/{id}/ticket-subscriptions

Add a number of ticket subscriptions to a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/ticket-subscriptions

Return all ticket subscriptions in a basket

GET v3/baskets/{id}/ticket-subscriptions/{ticketSubscriptionId}

Return the specified ticket subscription in a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/ticket-subscriptions/{ticketSubscriptionId}

Remove a specific ticket subscription from a basket

DELETE v3/baskets/{id}/ticket-subscriptions

Remove multiple ticket subscriptions from a basket


GET v3/countries

Return a list of countries

GET v3/countries/{isoCode}

Return a specific country


POST v3/customers

Create a new customer record

GET v3/customers/{id}

Return a customers record by id

GET v3/customers?email={email}

Return a customers record by email

PATCH v3/customers/{id}

Update the details on a customers record

POST v3/customers/{id}/authenticate

Log a customer into their online account

POST v3/customers/{id}/reset-password

Send a password reset email to a specific customer

GET v3/customers/{id}/addresses

Return a list of a customers stored address details

POST v3/customers/{id}/addresses

Add a new address to a customers record

PUT v3/customers/{id}/addresses

Replace all current addresses on a customers record

PATCH v3/customers/{id}/addresses/{addressId}

Amend an address on a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/addresses

Remove a number of addresses from a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/addresses/{addressId}

Remove a specific address from a customers record

GET v3/customers/{id}/tags

Return a customers tags

POST v3/customers/{id}/tags

Add a new tag to a customers record

PUT v3/customers/{id}/tags

Replace all current tags on a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/tags

Remove a number of tags from a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/tags/{tagId}?id={id}

Remove a specific tag from a customers record

GET v3/customers/{id}/agreed-statements

Return a customers contact preferences

POST v3/customers/{id}/agreed-statements

Add a contact preference to a customers record

PUT v3/customers/{id}/agreed-statements

Replace all contact preferences on a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/agreed-statements/{statementId}

Remove a specific contact preference from a customers record

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/agreed-statements

Remove a number of contact preferences from a customers record

GET v3/customers/{id}/print-at-home-documents

Returns a list of etickets for a customer

GET v3/customers/{id}/orders

Return a customer's order history

GET v3/customers/{id}/stored-cards

Return a customers stored cards

DELETE v3/customers/{id}/stored-cards/{cardId}

Remove a specific stored card from a customer record


GET v3/custom-payment-types

Return the details of all custom payment types


GET v3/events?instanceStart_from={instanceStart_from}&instanceStart_to={instanceStart_to}&instanceInterface={instanceInterface}&onSale={onSale}&name={name}

Returns details of specific events in the system

GET v3/events/{id}

Returns the details of a specific event

GET v3/events/{id}/instances?start_from={start_from}&start_to={start_to}&interface={interface}

Returns a list of instances for a specific event


GET v3/funds

Returns a list of available funds that can be donated too


GET v3/instances?startFrom={startFrom}&startTo={startTo}&interface={interface}&eventName={eventName}

Returns a list of specific instances

GET v3/instances/{id}

Returns the details of a specific instance

GET v3/instances/{id}/plan

Returns the current plan information for an instance

GET v3/instances/{id}/status?includeLockInformation={includeLockInformation}&includeChildPlans={includeChildPlans}

Returns an overview of the current availability status for an instance

GET v3/instances/{id}/status/detail?includeLockInformation={includeLockInformation}&includeChildPlans={includeChildPlans}

Returns a detailed view of the availability of each seat for an instance. See here for a description of the response format.

GET v3/instances/{id}/status/areas/{areaId}/detail?includeLockInformation={includeLockInformation}&includeChildPlans={includeChildPlans}

Returns a detailed view of the availability of each seat for a specific area for an instance. See here for a description of the response format.

GET v3/instances/{id}/status/areas/{areaId}?includeLockInformation={includeLockInformation}&includeChildPlans={includeChildPlans}

Returns an overview of the current availability status of a specific area for an instance

GET v3/instances/{id}/status/areas?includeLockInformation={includeLockInformation}&includeChildPlans={includeChildPlans}

Returns an overview of the current availability status of a number of specific areas for an instance

GET v3/instances/{id}/best-available?quantity={quantity}

Returns the current best available seats for an instance for the number specified

GET v3/instances/{id}/price-list

Returns the current price list in use for an instance

PATCH v3/instances/{id}/price-list

Update existing prices of an instance's price list


GET v3/memberships

Return a list of available Memberships


GET v3/offers?instanceStart_from={instanceStart_from}&instanceStart_to={instanceStart_to}&eventName={eventName}&promoCode={promoCode}

Return a list of available offers

GET v3/offers/all?instanceStart_from={instanceStart_from}&instanceStart_to={instanceStart_to}&eventName={eventName}&promoCode={promoCode}&interface={interface}&customerId={customerId}

Return a list of all offers on the system


GET v3/orders?confirmedOn={confirmedOn}&customerAddressLine1={customerAddressLine1}&customerAddressPostTown={customerAddressPostTown}&customerAddressPostCode={customerAddressPostCode}&customerAddressTown={customerAddressTown}&customerBirthDate={customerBirthDate}&customerEmailAddress={customerEmailAddress}&customerFriendlyId={customerFriendlyId}&individualId={individualId}&customerId={customerId}&noCustomer={noCustomer}&customerName={customerName}&customerPhoneNumber={customerPhoneNumber}&DateFrom={DateFrom}&DateTo={DateTo}&friendlyId={friendlyId}&seatName={seatName}&attributeValues={attributeValues}

Return a filtered list of orders

GET v3/orders/{id}

Return the details of a specific order

POST v3/orders/{id}/send-confirmation

Send a system confirmation email for a specific order


GET v3/plans/{id}

Returns a specific seating plan

GET v3/plans

Returns a list of seating plans and seat information for each


GET v3/postcode-lookup/{postcodeLookupId}

Returns address information for a specific postcode id

GET v3/postcode-lookup?postcode={postcode}

Returns a list of addresses and ids for a given postcode


GET v3/print-at-home-documents/{id}

Returns a specific e-ticket from the current user


GET queue-status/{eventId}

No documentation available.


GET v3/statements

Returns a list of Contact Preferences


GET v3/stock-items

Returns a list of Merchandise items


GET v3/supported-barcode-encodings

Returns a list of supported barcode types


GET v3/tag-groups

Returns a list of Tags and the Tag groups they sit under


GET v3/tags

Returns a list of Tags


GET v3/ticket-subscription-structures

Return a list of ticket subscriptions that can be purchased


GET v3/ticket-types

Returns a list of ticket types


GET v3/tribute-types

Returns a list of tribute types to be used when adding a donation


GET v3/venues

Returns a list of Venues

GET v3/venues/{id}

Returns a specific Venue using a Venue id