Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner - The Curse Of The Pyramids

It was 1932 and an expedition to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt had unearthed the tomb of the High Priest of Isis. Clutched in his mummified fingers was the Book of the Dead, considered to be of incalculable value.

However, the next day disaster had struck, a member of the expedition had been found dead, wrapped in bandages, and lying in a sarcophagus near the entrance, which overlooked the pyramids. Yes, murdered in a tomb with a view. The Book of the Dead was also missing.

Who was the killer? Was an overzealous St John’s Ambulance volunteer responsible? Or was it the spirit of an Egyptian librarian annoyed that the fine for late return of the book had not been paid?

A call was made to England, and Carter Davies – Secret Agent was sent out to Egypt to solve the mystery. Tonight, he has called his suspects together and with the help of the guests present he is determined to get to the truth and bring the culprit to justice.

All the clues will be there to catch the killer, but will they be correctly deduced?

With the emphasis very much on comedy but with all the usual clues and red-herrings Carter Davies hopes to return triumphant to England having put a foul felon under lock and key.


Starter - Feta Salad with Olives and Flatbread or Vegan Cheese Alternative

Main - Lamb Tagine served with Couscous or Vegetable Tagine served with Couscous

Dessert - Vanilla Cheesecake topped with Toblerone 'Pyramids' or Vegan Chocolate Cake with Vegan Cream.

If booking online please remember to email [email protected] with your menu choices or give us a call on 01395 222477
Please also remember that it is 6 to a table or 2 households.

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