Murder Mystery Christmas Dinner - Death at the Christmas Fayre

Residents of the small country parish had enjoyed a peaceful Christmas, or so they thought, but as they gathered for the post-Christmas Fayre and a good meal (a village tradition) there were tensions and secrets in the village which were beginning to surface.

It was a close-knit community and at its centre was the Vicar and the owner of the Post Office and Shop and there wasn’t much going on that they didn’t know about. However, unbeknownst to those attending this year’s event, the Postmaster had been found dead in the churchyard. He had been murdered.

But who would do such a thing?

As the evening gets underway Detective Chief Inspector Appleby arrives with the shocking news and then begins an investigation.

All the clues will be there to catch the killer, but will they be correctly deduced. The Chief Inspector calls on the other guests to help so that the culprit can be caught, and everyone can enjoy the rest of their Christmas in peace.

The Menu


Vegetable Soup with a Roll


Traditional Christmas Dinner with all the Trimmings
Nut Roast with all the Trimmings (Vegan Vegetarian)


Christmas Pudding OR Chocolate Flake Gateau
Sticky Toffee Pudding (Vegan
Vegetarian) or Vegan Ice Cream

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