Tumble Tuck

BackHere! Theatre presents Tumble Tuck: a new play written and performed by the acclaimed Sarah Milton.

Daisy’s swimming the relay, but her legs still jiggle and her front crawl is 'a bit fking feminine...'

Tumble Tuck is a funny, brutal and honest piece that seeks to examine what it means to be
successful in a world where medals matter. This fast paced, one woman show follows the story of Daisy, a young woman struggling to understand how to define herself as successful. Today judgement has become a big part of our society you can be judged on TV for everything from how well you bake a cake to how well you sing a cover song! Come and find solace (or, you know, increased despair) in Daisy, a girl who loves KitKats, cheese and swimming, as she battles with what it means to be good enough. Will Daisy ever find the answer? Sponsored by Miro Magazine

Dates and times

This event finished on 12 May 2018.

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