The Stones

  • By Kit Brookman

I’ve had one of those little stumbles into the future, like when you open the fridge and think: when did I buy all this?
In the aftermath of a terrible break-up, Nick takes a job out of town as a private tutor to two young children. The job seems perfect, the family too good to be true. A whole new life seems possible.
But then the stones begin to arrive.
They appear with no note, no explanation. What at first seems to be a bizarre act of revenge by his vacuous ex-boyfriend reveals itself to be something stranger and more unsettling. As the stones pile up, Nick’s hold on reality becomes more and more tenuous.
The Stones is about delusion, guilt, and the responsibility we all share to the next generation of people who have to live on this planet. A gothic mystery about how the past can sneak up and swallow the future without anyone even realising.

  • Written and directed by Kit Brookman and Performed by Luke Mullins.


Dates and times

This event finished on 18 August 2019.

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