‘Aren’t we all just treading water? Trying to stay afloat or longing to go under.’

A beach. At dawn, where land meets water. A death interrupted… Meet Jo, scarred by years of abuse, seeking oblivion. Rocks in her pockets, walking towards the sea. Disturbed by early morning swimmer and eternal optimist Anne. Two women caught in the eye of the storm, in a random chance encounter that will change both their fates.

Flotsam takes a raw unflinching look at abuse and is a gripping exploration of our own mortality - Is every life worth living?

Above all though, it is a tale of survival of two exceptional women, battered by the tides and to the undeniable power of female friendship 'You are more than your sex, than your age, than your past. You are more...'


Dates and times

This event finished on 08 September 2018.

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