Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods is a comedy about pain, fragility and temptation. Three lost and lonely women - retired lecturer SAL, trophy wife ANNIE and RHONA, an angry poet - are drawn to the charismatic leader of a new ‘Spiritual Hub’ in west London. But they’re heading towards a deadly whirlpool .

Their stories - and those of the men they love – begin to interweave. As they come close to being smashed on the rocks they have to pull together to get out of harm’s way. Rosalind Adler is an actress and writer.

Damaged Goods (formerly THE HUB) was showcased at Soho Theatre and Leicester Square Theatre, directed by Kirsty Bennett and featuring Rosalind Adler and Richard Heap

‘Terrific. Subtle, funny, moving and truthful’ Maria Friedman

Dates and times

This event finished on 18 July 2018.

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