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What is Spektrix?

Spektrix is a technology partner to many performing arts organisations and visitor attractions in the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada. You may have an account with one or more of these organisations if you've ever bought tickets, made a donation or signed up to their mailing list.

Notifications about compromised passwords

It's possible that you've reached this page because your browser has notified you that a password has been compromised. When you created an account with one of the organisations we work with, your browser may have stored your password against the domain system.spektrix.com rather than the venue’s own domain.


Because your account is not managed by Spektrix, we can't help you to change your password or remove your details. You'll need to contact the organisation you signed up with, which in most cases will be a theatre, arts centre, festival, museum or gallery.

This doesn’t mean that your password or account security has been breached via the venue’s site. When you use passwords on as browser such as Chrome or Safari, it stores them by default and monitors them in case of a data breach. If you've used the same combination of email and password on multiple sites, and a breach occurs on one of those sites, your browser will warn you about your account security on every site where the same combination is used.

If you’ve received this notification for system.spektrix.com, it’s probably because you've used the same email and password when visiting an organisation which uses our software, and when visiting a separate site where a breach may have occurred. You should consider still changing your password - and using different combinations on every website you visit.


If you want to find out more about us and some of the organisations we work with, feel free to explore our website at www.spektrix.com.

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